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Losers Fic Recommendations

The First Eight Don't Count - Storm_petrol. - One of the best animal transformation fics I've read in this fandom.

Half you life is over - Storm_petrol - Jensen gets caught in a blast and has to hike through the jungle avoiding guards and dealing with hallucinations of his team mates courtesy of a concussion.

Next of kin - Strom_petrol - Max gets his hands on Jensen first and convinces him through a hostage situation involving Jensen's sister and niece that working for Max is the way to go. The Losers end up being the white knights.

I"m just a soul - Storm_petrol - Jensen has problems with personal boundaries. Cougar is a little oblivious.

By daybreak we'll be gone - storm_petrol - Clay is the first. This is how he gets his pack. Absolutely amazing fic that I can't help but reread every time I need a pick me up

Firearms- found_feather - Jensen has a gun kink. Cougar indulges him.

Something worth dying for - zillah_fic - A fantastic Losers/Leverage crossover.

Worlds Collide - robinyj - Skippy meets Hardison.

Zombie Invasion - Marvinetta - This one always puts a smile on my face. The boys talking about a zombie invasion.

Don't start none - Ubervirgin - Clay learns that Jensen's laptop is like his vagina.

you, maybe not essentially you, somebody else - Dorcus_gustine - The Quintessential Losers/Iron man crossover. Jensen/Tony. I love this one.

Press OK to redial - Dorcus_gustine - Cougar distracts Jensen while he's on the phone to Clay.

They'd love to see me fall - oh_la_fraise - One of the many speculations on how Jensen got his place on the team.

Sometimes they look that way - Maratonista - The boys go out for pancakes after a tough mission. The waitress thinks Roque has been beating on Jensen. Funny times.

In for a penny - maratonisa - Jensen turns into a puppy. It's as cute as it sounds.

Bablefish - Maratonista - Jensen speaks almost everything but Spanish. Because Cougar speaks it for him. This is almost too adorable for words. I adore everything maratonista writes.

Not your average Lima loser - Kaitlia777 - Oh yeah. Losers/Glee crossover. But it's done so well that both these worlds mesh perfectly. You won't be dissapointed.

I see the stars at mortral wars - geministep - Losers/Highlander big bang.

Pretty Pretty Jensen - shanachie_quill - Jensen's a princess. He has the sparkly pink nails to prove it.

A little small talk, a smile - merry_gentry - Jensen thinks it's a bromance. Cougar wonders how a certified genius can be so oblivious.

Walk with me - jaguarcaine - One of my favourite whump!Jensen fics. Roque is wounded and Jensen carries him over a couple of mountain passes with broken ribs, a concussion, and severe dehydration.

Funny little feeling - jaguarcaine - Jensen hasn't been inoculated for lycanthropy. Amazing fic dealing with the idea of lycanthropy.

Sniper at the gates of Heaven - jaguarcaine - End of the world type fic. Everything fits, and it plays out like a movie in your mind. A perfect piece of writing in my opinion.

Security blanket - jaguarcaine - Jensen becomes Cougar's security blanket. Awesome long fic by someone who is fast becoming a favourite author of mine. If only they would write more. *hint hint*

here be dragons - pprfaith - The losers are shifters. This isn't your average shifter fic though. For one, Cougar isn't feline. One of my personal favourites.

Ammo - entwintedangels - Roque is a BAMF. Seriously though, fantastic fic showcasing everything we love about this man. He needs more love.

The Long Haul - peacefulsands - Jensen takes a little while to settle in with his new team.

Where do we go from here - peaceful_sands - Jensen is a were-hamster. Yes, you read that right.


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