Blanket Statement

I actually stole this idea from pistolbunny.

If at anytime you feel compelled to podfic, translate, remix, draw, vid, craft or make graphics for any of my work. I would be honored to let you. :)

Also I'm leaving this here so I don't have to go searching for it whenever I want to make a serious face at someone. ಠ_ಠ

Master List of Fiction

Master List of Fiction.


Because I've written about as many fics in the Losers fandom as I have in the rest of my works, I'm just putting the link for my Losers fiction masterlist here. Easier for me to add stuff when I write new things.

The Losers
The Losers Master Fic List

I'm working on filling 25 prompts with original fiction over at my original fic journal lady_manhatten

The prompt list is HERE.

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Hey there guys and gals!

I know it's been almost three years since I wandered away from Livejournal. But I'm back, sort of, and I'll be making more of an effort to be around. :)


I think I might be done with LJ.

Tumblr and real life have joined forces to kill it. Tumblr because everyone and their cat went over there to keymash and repost gifsets and pictures and forget how to type in complete sentences.

Real life because I work too much.

But on a bonus note, I got head hunted for a fantastic salon. I start friday.

I won't delete this journal because it has all my fic on it. But I think this is going to be my last entry.

So thank you Live Journal. For giving me some of the best years of my twenties. You made me laugh, you made me cry, you gave me advice when I needed it and let me bitch about my life and my family.

And some of the most amazing friendships I have today, were made online.


A Bull in a China Shop

Author: emocezi
Title: A Bull in a China Shop
Fandom: The Expendables
Pairing: Gunnar/Yin
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 1076
Disclaimer: I do not own The Expendables nor do I make a profit from this work of fiction.
A/N: Good lord, I haven't posted fic in so long I've almost forgotten how to do all the HTML. Anyway, this is a fill for a square of my trope bingo card.

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So I'm moving in May and I'm attempting to cut down on the books I'm bringing with me.

Some books are gonna get taken down to the local used bookstore and traded in. But I have a nearly complete set of Fruits Basket. Books 1-20 and I'm wondering if anyone is interested because I'd like to send the set to someone who will appreciate it.

I'll post a list of the books I'm planning on trading in to see if anyone is interested in them before I take them to the bookstore.


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I signed up for trope bingo this year. And I swear to god, this was made with Gunnar/Yin in mind because I've been wanting to write more of their crazy shenanigans for a while. I am so excited to start these!! You guys have no idea. :D

au: all-human au: neighbors animal transformation secret twin / doppelganger curtainfic
locked in presumed dead au: space handcuffed / bound together au: cop / detective
genderswap soul bonding / soulmates FREE

au: magic au: apocalypse
fake relationship bodyswap time travel immortality / reincarnation slavefic
forced to marry de-aged kidfic au: were / vamp / supernatural au: other

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Happy New Year and stuff. Hope this year is better then last year. Hope I get my writing groove back soon. Hope I can make the change to Dreamwidth.

And last but not least, hope I can stop being so lazy and start going back to the gym. I have a membership, I should start using it more. :/

Celebrity Edition

Oh lawd, please forgive me. I forgot all about Sunday brothel. To make up for that I bring you the special edition Celebrity night here at the Emocezi's Brothel House.

The fun thing about today, is that you can either take the actor, OR any of the characters the actor has played. You can mash them together, you can jump in the middle, you can do whatever you'd like. The only request we have here at the brothel is no lasting marks. Other then that, go wild my ladies.

You ladies know the drill. Name off your men and they'll be waiting for you in your room. And don't forget to pay the lady. ;)

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